Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a family-led organization that believes in simplicity, fairness, and transparency in all business and employee relationships. We believe that the growth of a person at an individual level has the power to exponentially uplift society as a whole. And, we firmly believe that educating the girl child demands our combined efforts. When every girl is educated, she will be the power that helps, holds, and leads the world.

We have taken several initiatives to improve the education of our girl children by constructing schools that every girl – regardless of the socio-economic background of her family – can access and excel in. We have also put in our effort to renovate old school buildings so that children can study in a safe and nurturing environment.

Another initiative close to our heart is providing a fulfilling and respectful life for our aged population. We have been consistently lending our support to old-age homes to improve the living conditions of our elderly population.

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